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Insight into our review of medical bills will show why your company should choose Compass.

With Compass Medical Bill Review, all points are considered.

  • We take a multi-faceted approach in reviewing workers’ compensation medical bills.

  • Review efforts between claims professionals and the highly trained Compass Medical Review ​department ensure the bill is within the nature and scope of the injury.

  • Once we approve the billed charges, treatment plans must be discussed. 

  • Utilization Review ensures the procedures billed are based on the workers' compensation injury and eliminates payment for treatment not related to the injury. 

  • Prompt and accurate payments have enticed many quality providers to become a part of our expansive PPO Network. 

  • Compass processes bills within 7 days, which not only helps develop relationships with our providers but is also another way to ensure duplicate bills are not reimbursed.

  • Compass is compliant with all state fee schedules.

  • Our aggressive payment negotiation yields savings beyond the usual and customary rates or fee schedules. 


  • By streamlining our processes and by employing highly-trained and skilled professionals who are willing to collaborate and dedicate their focus on savings and quality, Compass Medical Bill Review can make a difference in your claims!